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Nepal Yoga Tour

Duration : 1 day(s)

Yoga = 'Unity', 'Oneness'. Came from the Sanskrit word "YOG" which means "TO JOIN". To many, the thought of yoga has an image of postures (Asanas) to develop flexibility, general body health and awareness. This is just the beginning. While the main point is to reach the highest goal of the spiritual path, practicing yoga can give benefits to everyone regardless to their spiritual aims. The Himalayas have played a big role in self realization. It's isolation from the world and ideal environment makes Nepal an ideal place to practice yoga.

Besides the regular trekking and tours, we also offer special yoga Tours. Introducing Yoga into the Trekking experience allows for a richer appreciation of the physical and mental landscape as the body and mind are opened through daily Meditation, Yoga, Stretching, Massage, and Trekking. Nepal has long tradition of practicing Yoga and it has been practiced more to gain spiritual uplift than for physical wellbeing as in the modern world.

The Yoga course intends to make you familiar with basic yoga postures and the required theoretical knowledge. You can practice on your own once you follow it under the guidance of an expert teacher. Please note that Yoga is practiced early morning or evening on empty stomach, it is not practiced when tired, when walking in the mountain and the teacher must be an expert of the subject. Otherwise one may have adverse effect.

The program is open for all experience levels and ages and is a unique opportunity for those interested in the strengthening of both the body and mind.

Yoga and Meditation Tour Packages
Meditation Courses
Basic Session for Beginners
Three Days Intensive Meditation Course
Six Days Transformation Meditation Course
Nine Days Sannyas Course
Vipassana Meditation

Yoga Courses
Three days yoga course
Seven Days yoga course
Yoga teacher Training (Yoga Teacher Training is designed for the needs of individual students

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