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Nepal, a small beautiful Himalayan Kingdom lyaing between China and Indai, the two large countries. Nepal is the land of the birth place of the Lord Buddha and Mt. Everest, the top of the world. From the high mountains stretching from east to the west to the plains of Terai, incredible diversity of culture and costume, flora and fauna, geology and landscape have been touching off the sensibilities of the tourists from years. The ancient cities in Nepal with their maze of alleys, ancient and medieval pagodas, numerous shrines and Temples depict ancient culture.


Location: The kingdom of Nepal lies between 80'4' and 88'12' east longituded and 26'22' north latitude. It borders with China in the North and India in the South.

Area: 147,181 Sq.Kms

Altitude: Varies from 70 to 8848 meters.

Capital: Kathmandu.

Population: 22.5 Million.

Language: Nepali, the National language is the common language in Nepal. However different ethnic groups have their own mother languages.

Religon: Hinduism and Buddhism are two major religions of Nepal. Hindus and Buddhists are tolerant to each other and the both religious group worship each other's deities and observe festivals, traditional customs and rites of both religious group in Nepal, followed by Jains and Christians.

Geograpphy: The country can be divided in three main geographical regions:

(01): Himalayan region, 15 percent of the total land of the country are covered with snow capped mountains in the northern part and altitude ranges from 4,877 to 8, 848 meters including 8 peaks above the 8000 meters such as Mt. Everest ( 8,848 m), Kanchanjungha ( 8, 586 m), Lhotse (8, 516 m), Makalu ( 8, 463 m), Cho Oyu ( 8,201m), Dhaulagiri (8,167 m), Manasulu ( 8,163 m), and Annapurna-1 ( 8091 m).

(02): Mountain region, 68 percent of the total land of the country are covered by the hills and mountains in the central part of Nepal. Altitude varies from 610 to 4,877 meters in this region.

(03): Terai region, In the southern part, the plain area of Terai region covers the 17 percent of the total land of the Country.

People: People of Nepal can be divided into two distinct group, the Aryan and the Mongolians. There are many different ethnic groups in Nepal living in different part of the Country with their own unique cultures, languages and religions.

Currency: Currency of Nepal is known as Rupee.

Time: Nepali Time is 5 hours 45 minutes ahead of Greenwich Mean Time and 15 minutes ahead of Indian Standard Time.

Weekend: Saturday is the official holiday in Nepal.

Climate: Climate of Nepal varies with its topography. For examples, the Terai region has hot and humid climate. The mountain region has medium cool climate all the year and cool in the winter. And Himalayan region has considerably lower temperature.

There are four seasons in Nepal:
Spring - March to May.
Summer - June to Agust.
Autumn - September to November.
Winter - December to February.

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